• We join forces to best serve all small business entrepreneurs operating in San Francisco.
  • We promote collaboration among local small business owners to help them grow each other's ventures and advocate as a collective.
  • We partner with private companies and public organizations offering the best and most innovative solutions for small business owners.
  • We collaborate with the city of San Francisco to better serve small business owners, their employees and patrons.


  • We recognize, understand and advocate for the unique needs and challenges that all small businesses and micro-enterprises face in San Francisco, particularly those minority-owned, women-owned, immigrant-owned, LGBTQ-owned, low-income, start-up and legacy businesses.
  • We are a proponent of equitable and inclusive opportunities as well as the appropriate resources needed so that anyone gifted with an entrepreneurial mind is able to successfully launch and grow a small business to serve San Francisco.


  • We are open and welcoming of all current and aspiring small business entrepreneurs.
  • We are committed to advocating for the availability of education programs, advising resources and capital for all who wish to open or grow a small business.
  • We are a safe doorway to community and empowerment for minority, women, veterans, LGBTQ, immigrant, legacy and low-to-moderate income local entrepreneurs.
  • We strive to provide equitable access to our services and break down barriers that prevent access. We will work to ensure our coalition reaches entrepreneurs of various languages, cultures, immigration status, and disability.   


  • We are committed to building a local small business ecosystem that creates wealth for the entrepreneurs and their employees.